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A taste of New York
in the mountains of Vermont!
My wife is a wonderful cook, but I am now actually delighted when she decides she needs a break from cooking, and orders from Al's!
Dennis B.
Holy cannoli! That's the BEST cannoli I have ever had!!!
Heather T.
Having grown up on Long Island I remember eating good Brooklyn/Queens style pizza. Al & Lisa have brought that wonderful dining experience to Randolph.
Woody Kaplan
Your pizza is fantastic and the meatballs are the best I have ever had!
Bonnie Dunaway
The pizza toppings are to die for! A rich, multi-faceted, flavor experience to tease your taste buds and keep you coming back for more! They've brought sophistication to the dinner tables of Randolph.
Dan B.
We decided to make home-made pizza (since we are about 1500 miles away from you) and Sofia says, "Sorry Mom, but, I like the Sicilian from Vermont so much better." I must agree!
Thanks, Al and Lisa and all at Al's...loved the cheese pizza, meatballs, and maple vinaigrette!! Can't wait to come back for more!
Every time I go into Al's Pizza for lunch or dinner, I am greeted with a smiling face! Their cheese pizza is my favorite!
We love the pizza! Congratulations. I know a lot of hard work went into getting to opening!
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